Week 3

3 weeks in and just 3 teams hold a 100% record.  Last year’s champions have made a stellar start to the defence of their title as The Madhouse G Men go 3 from 3 along with Oldmans Cowboys and Le’veon on a Prayer.  All 3 are looking strong contenders this season.  The divisions look evenly spread too with 4 winning records and 4 losing records in each.
Show Me The Packers (1-2) beat Aldon Smith’s Driving School (1-2) 130.42 – 83.38
After the cruelest of defeats in week 2, Show Me The Packers came fighting back with a storming victory to get their first win of the 2017 season.  Despite the early season hiatus from Coach Fleming leaving the IR’d Danny Woodhead in the starting line up his team put up a more than credible 83 points which would have been good enough to beat 10 teams this week, it wasn’t however good enough to beat the only one that mattered as the Packers stormed to 130 points for a comfortable win.  The week got off to a flying start for coach McDerment as Watkins and Hyde combined for over 40 points on Thursday night.  The pressure has been rife on McDerment after a woeful 2016 was followed up with 2 losses to start the new season.  There had been questions specifically asked about first round draft pick TY Hilton and rumours were circling of an early season change.  McDerment gave his confidence to TY though and he delivered this week with over 150 yards and his first score of the year to add to the Thursday night haul and help the Packers to the 2nd best score of the week.  The comeback could be short lived though as they run into the 3-0 Oldmans Cowboys in week 4 however if they can pull of a shock win it will bring the Packers right back into the playoff hunt.  All is far from lost for Coach Fleming either.  1-2 is not a disaster and if his hiatus ends and he finds a good replacement for Woodhead to go with Howard, Thomas baldwin Shepherd and Newton they could easily get on a winning run.  With a week 3 matchup against the 0-3 Bhoys are back in town Fleming will hope to get back to .500 after 4 weeks and in the hunt also.
Oldmans Cowboys (3-0) beat Varsity Blues Changed my Life (0-3) 118.40 – 60.66
This time last season Varsity Blues were proudly sitting 3-0 and looking the team to beat.  The difference a year can make.  Whilst Oldmans Cowboys were once again notching triple digits, Varisty struggled to break the 60 mark to send them to the bottom of the NFC and Cowboys to the opposite end.  Coach Groat replaced the IR’d Robinson with his replacement Hurns and Groat will be encoraged that he did score however he could only manage 20 yards and with Lamaar Miller Matt Ryan and Melvin Gordon failing to score big points they couldn’t keep up with the free scoring Cowboys.  At 0-3 Varsity will really need to get off the mark sooner rather than later if they are to get into the playoff race but it doesn’t get easier as they face a rejuvinated In Baxter We Trust in week 4.  The Cowboys meanwhile march on to the top of the NFC as they confirm their favouritism with another high scoring performance.  Coach Purves made just 1 change from week 2 with patience running out on Jeremy Hill being replaced by Garcon.  Garcon duly delivered with 14 points and with Elliot getting back to semi normal and Hunt looking more and more like he’ll be the fantasy player of the year things couldn’t really be looking better for Purves.  With a favourable week 4 matchup against Show Me The Packers, Purves will be confident of going 4-0 and putting 1 foot in the playoffs before the half way stage.  He’ll be praying he goes 4-0 too cause a 3 hour car ride to Nairn with McDerment the following Saturday will be a LONG 3 hours should he lose!!!!
Tartan Bears (1-2) beat In Baxter We Trust (2-1) 76.52 – 74.10
Karma my friends, can be a wonderful wonderful thing.  Whilst it wasn’t 0.08pts, In Baxter We Trust tasted defeat for the first time in 2017 with a tight 2 point loss to Tartan Bears.  The Bears got their 2017 campaign off and running with the victory which sees them jump to 3rd in the NFC and right in the thick of things.  Coach Bain made just 1 change to the team that scored pretty well in their week 2 defeat and it almost cost him the win.  Replacing kicker Hauschka for Santos cost him 12 points in the week and with franchise back Ajayi only managing 2.50pts it was looking bleak for Bain but with Taylor, McCaffery, Thomas and the Ciefs D all scoring double digits it was enough to see off In Baxter We Trust.  Coach Baxter will be disappointed with his teams performance in week 3.  After a great start to the year, Montgomery, Evans and new signing Lynch all struggled in week 3.  It wasn’t all bad news for Baxter though as franchise Receiver AJ Green finally got his season going with 17 points and with Mariota looking like he’s going to be chucking in plenty of points week on week with another 20 + score it is still a strong looking squad.  With a week 4 tie against 0-3 Varsity Blues, Baxter will be looking to go 3-1 and keep the playoff spot they currently hold.  The Bears meanwhile run into the 3-0 Le’Veon on a prayer as they look to get back to .500.
Le’Veon on a Prayer (3-0) beat Farqs Flying Eagles (1-2) 105.30 – 80.34
Le’Veon on a Prayer showed their opening 2 victories were no flukes as they march on to 3-0 with a comfortable victory over Farqs Flying Eagles.  What a start to the 2017 season its been for Coach Amos as  his unchanged side score triple digits for the 2nd week in a row.  Who needs receivers when you have a rookie back in Fournette, who found the end zone for the 3rd week in a row, a comeback backs in Gurley, who went in 3 times to romp to over 30 pts and a quarterback in Cousins who also went for over 30 pts to storm Le’veon to the win.  With more surely to come from Pryor and Adams and 3 wins in the bag already 2017 is looking to be a good year for Amos as he chases a playoff spot for the first time.  Can they go 4-0?  they will have to get through Tartan Bears to do so.  After an opening win, Farqs have now lost 2 in a row but Coach Farqhuar is experienced enough to know ow quickly things can change at scoring over 80 points is far from terrible.  Jordi Nelson’s injury proved to be nothing which will be a massive relief for Farquhar and with Gronk getting stronger as the weeks go on, Cobb to come back from injury and surely better weeks ahead for Crabtree, Mixon and Wentz a win is surely not far away.  Farquhar will be hoping the losing treak stops at 2 but it wont be easy with a week 4 tie against defending champs The Madhouse G Men.
Scheme Team (2-1) beat Bhoys Are Back in Town (0-3) 77.50 – 59.62
After the tightest of wins in week 2, Scheme Team had a much more comfortable W in week 3 as they saw off Bhoys are back in Town by 18 points.  Coach Pirie will be delighted to be sitting 2-1 after the lost of franchise back David Johnson and with replacement Chris Thomson powering to over 20 points for the 2nd week in a row Johnson has not been missed as yet.  Pirie stuck with Smith at QB after his stellar start but he was outscored this week by the benched Prescott and that will leave Pirie with a nice week 4 selection headache.  With receivers Hill and Jackson both going well again its all looking up in camp Scheme Team.  Who’d have thought after a week 1 loss and the DJ injury that things would be so rosy 2 weeks later?  They will look to take the winning streak to 3 and confirm their AFC 2nd spot against the chasing Bluetoon Patriots.  Coach Herculson’s 2017 struggles continue as he finds his Bhoys in bottom spot in the NFC and a long road tough road ahead to get anything out of their sophomore year.  Despite not reaching 60 points in week 2, Herculson kept the starting line up in the main and they failed to deliver once again.  Rodgers done better breaking 20 points and Blount managed to find the end zone but that is whre the good news ends.  The rest of the team were outscored combined by the kicker meaning another sub 60 score and another loss.  Herculson will no doubt be scouring the agency frantically looking for someone to spark their season to life.  Its been done before and its far from over at this stage but the spark needs to come soon.  Herculson will be hoping Coach Fleming’s hiatus extends 1 more week as they face his Aldon Smiths Driving School in week 4.
The Madhouse G Men (3-0) beat Batmans Boobies (0-3) 88.12 – 63.16
Last week i asked the question can anyone stop The Madhouse  Men as they continue to dominate in Show Me The Money.  Well Batmans Boobies certainly couldn’t as the G Men stay 100% in 2017 with Boobies going the other way to 0-3.  Coach Edwards was in attendance as his Jags Defence got his week off to a good early Sunday start and with Bell getting his best score of the season with 15 and the GOAT being his awesome best that was all Edwards required to notch win 3 of the title defence.  This despite over 65 back and receiver points on the bench in Duke Johnson, Fitzgerald and Diggs the handicap committee are rumored to be preparing to meet to discuss Edward’s first pick coming in round 32 rather than 16 in 2018 to even things up a bit.  The next lamb to the slaughter in Farqs Flying Eagles as the G Men look to take the streak to 4.  After 2 poor weeks Coach O’Neill lost patience with star back Demarco Murray and Murray responded by turning in a healthy 18 points making you think O’Neill will return Murray to the starting line up with a little egg on face in week 4.  With Britt, Bernard and Gore finding the end zone, Stafford again looking decent and star receiver Cooper around you have to think Boobies will get up and running sooner or later but luck is not something O’Neill seems to have a whole lot of.  They’ll need to find some in week 4 as they face an opponent with a winning record in Kirkwall Raiders.
Bluetoon Patriots (1-2) beat Copenbadly Jets (2-1) 131.42 – 56.50
In life, in sport, in everything really, there is always someone, some team, some thing, that no matter what you do you jsut can’t seem toget the better of.  You might be much better.  You might be much worse, it doesn’t matter you just can’t beat em no matter what you do. It always seems to be the most annoying thing / person / team that it is too (although i cannot comment on that in this instance) After a tremendous rookie year Bluetoon Patriots have stumbled to 2 opening losses in 2016.  In the meantime, after a disappointing 2016, city rivals Copenbadly Jets were flying in 2017 with 2 great wins to open and confidence flowing.  So and easy win for the Jets then in this week 3 matchup yes? WRONG…….Much like their 2016 matchup Bluetoon got the better of Copenbadly once more as they got their 2017 season firing with  a spectacular 131 points.  Franchise Receiver OBJ finally got going with a 19 point haul and with Wilson going for over 40 and Cook, Tate and Cohen all getting double digits thing are very much looking up for Bluetoon as they try to recover from the stuttering start.  If they can get the better of Kirkwall Raiders and get back to .500 in week 4 Coach Bruce will all but forget about the first 2 weeks and will have a great shout of repeating their playoff appearance in 2016.  Coach Wemyss will be glad to see the back of his City rivals for the regular season and sitting 3rd in the AFC still with the likes of Big Ben, Shady McCoy and Julio Jones in the dressing room he will be hoping to get a chance of revenge in the post season.  Looking to get back to winning ways, Wemyss takes his Jets down South for a week 4 tie aganst Red Hot Julius Peppers.
Red Hot Julius Peppers (1-2) beat Kirkwall Raiders (2-1) 75.48 – 62.62
As promised in the week 2 review, It didn’t take long and Red Hot Julius Peppers are up and running in 2017 as they beat Kirkwall Raiders for their first win of the season.  Coach Douglass brought in rookie back Carson for his first start of the season and he returned a healthy 11 points to help Red Hot to the tight victory.  Bradon Cooks announced himself to the Patriots fans properly with a 27 point night and despite not finding the end zone, Douglass will be encouraged by the yards picked up by Coleman and Hopkins.  With franchise receiver Bryant and QB Rivers to have better nights things are not close to as gloom and doom as they seemed.  A week 4 win over Copenbadly Jets would throw Red Hot right back into the playoff race with plenty of weeks left for Douglass to show his agency expertise and push for a 4th playoff appearance in a row.  Coach Sim suffered his first loss of the 2017 as QB Carr, Back Crowell and end Thomas had off weeks and receiver Benjamin picked up an injury to rub salt into the wounds.  Franchise Receiver Brown banked his usual haul though and Chris Hogan is looking better and better as a Patriot so Sim will not be panicking just yet as they sit with a winning 2-1 record and a week 4 favourable matchup against the 0-3 Batmans Boobies.  If they can beat boobies and get to 3-1 after 4 weeks they will be in a fantastic position to launch a push for their first ever playoff place.

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