Week 1 review

At last we are off and running in the Show Me The Money 2017 season.  Congratulations to Mark, Sean F, Graeme, Graham, Dou, Sean D, Alan S and Johnny seasons off to the best possible start with a week 1 victory.  With the regular season cut to just 13 matches this season every win is going to be crucial so for the other 8 the battle starts now.  7 wins should be enough to see playoff action this year but 7 wins is a long way away at this stage of the season.
Copenbadly Jets beat Show Me The Packers 80.76 – 69.66
After a disappointing 2016, Copenbadly Jets got their 2017 season off to a flyer with a comfortable victory over Show Me The Packers.  Coach Wemyss obviously done his homework in the off season and with Julio Jones and Shady McCoy leading the team he will be hoping for a much more productive 2017.  Jones took a backseat in the week 1 victory however and it was the Steelers defence and Vikings kicker that best supported the consistent Shady to lead Copenbadly to victory who had the luxury of JJ Nelson and Big Ben on the bench outscoring their starting counterparts.  With a week 2 match up against the woefully drafted Bhoys are Back in Town, Wemyss will be hopeful of making it 2 in 2 and really setting fire to what could be a very productive season.  The exact opposite must be said for the other side.  Coach McDerment got caught in  muddle in round 1 of the draft of all places which landed him TY Hilton in the first round.  The indecision followed throughout the draft and it shone through in week 1 scoring under 70 points.  Trevor Simien at QB scoring over 20 points made the score look at least semi respectable but it looks like another long hard season for McDerment as he attempts to carry a terrible draft effort to the playoffs.  Week 2 will see Packers face off against another veteran team chasing their first win of 2017 in Scheme team.  Is it too early to talk about must win games?  Its a long way back from 0-2 over a 13 week season so McDerment will be desperate to not find out!!!
Aldon Smiths Driving School beat Varsity Blues Changed My Life 70.54 – 70.44
In a week that there were numerous close matches, now were closer than this one as Aldon Smiths Driving School pipped Varsity Blues Changed My Life by just 0.1pts.  Varsity would have had the win without the 2 negative runs by Gordon in the 4th Quarter…..it was that close.  Its another flying start then for Aldon Smiths who had the same type of start in 2016 which led to a playoff appearance.  Coach Fleming will be looking to build on that 2016 success and grab a playoff place once again in 2017.  The draft went well for Fleming despite assistant BOT taking the reins for the majority with Newton, Howard, Thomas Baldwin and Kelce all historically good fantasy scorers and Martin and Luck still to come back from suspension and injury it could be another good year for Aldon Smiths.  Varsity Blues 2016 season saw them fly through the regular season brushing everyone aside as they went before faltering in the first round of the playoffs so Coach Groat will be disappointed to get off to a losing start in such a close manner.  Looking to push on from last season Groat invested heavily in QB Matt Ryan and Back Gordon and whilst there will no dubt be better weeks for the pair in future weks nether really excelled like the way they can in week 1 and that left the door open for Aldon Smiths to sneak the victory.  Fleming’s Aldon Smiths have a tougher outing in week 2 as they play what looks like a dream tea squad in Oldmans Cowboys whilst Groat’s Varsity Blues will look to get off the mark against Tartan Bears.
Farqs Flying Eagles beat Tartan Bears 98.58 – 78.76
Tartan Bears can count themselves more than a little unfortunate at scoring the 6th highest points total of the week and still ended up on the losing side as Farqs Flying Eagles flew to the 2nd highest score of the week to bank a week 1 victory.  Coach Farquhar looks to have had a shrewd draft pairing up the Packers top 2 receivers to go with Gronk and whilst none of them set the heather on fire in week 1 they all contributed and his very own Eagles picks done him proud with over 50 points coming from Wentz and the Eagles D alone.  After missing the playoffs in 2016 Farquhar has clearly came back fighting and will look to push on in week 2 with a matchup against fellow week 1 winners In Baxter We Trust.  For Coach Bain it might be a loss but there were a lot of positives after a disappointing 2016 season.  Back Gilleslie seems to have nailed down the goalline touches with his 3 touchdown performance on Thursday night, Taylor at QB had a great start with over 20 points and with star back Ajayi through his bye week and surely more to come from the Saints No 1 Thomas and the Panther rookie back McCaffery the future does look bright.  Bain won’t want to hit a losing run though so will look to get the first W on the board in week against Varsity Blues Changed My Life.
Oldmans Cowboys beat Scheme Team 139.54 – 75.32
Coach Purves took a big swing drafting Rookie Kareem Hunt early but it looks to have paid off in spades as he marched into Boston and ripped the Superbowl champs to pieces with nearly 250 yards and 3 touchdowns leading Oldmans Cowboys to a massive victory over Scheme Team.  Every year it happens to someone and 2017 seems to be Coach Pirie’s turn asdisaster struck and franchised star back David Johnston suffered a dislocated wrist and looks set to be out for a long time.  Pirie’s options at running back look slim but its not all doom and gloom as Prescott and Smith both looked good in week 1 and with both starting receivers Macklin and Hill finding the endzone and with Jackson and Stills coming off bye week they look like they are and air team in 2017.  If Johnston gets placed on IR Pirie can also take advantage of the new IR spot to hold Johnston in the squad and still replace him from agency.  Scheme Team will hope to get off the mark in week 2 when they come up against Show Me The Packers.  For Purves meanwhile, well………Carlsberg don’t do fantasy NFL week 1’s but……….  Not only does Hunt look like he could be the pick of the year but franchised back Zeke Elliot gets clear to play the season to partner him.  With Brees at QB and 4 No 1 receivers in both Matthews, Allen and Garcon Oldman;s Cowboys have been instantly installed as the 2017 favourites.  Purves will be wary though as Oldmans got the same start in 2016 before slipping away and despite making the playoffs couldn’t get past the first round.  Much bigger things are expected in 2017 though after the lessons learned and going into their week 2 match up against Aldon Smith’s Driving School looking to get on a streak early.
In Baxter We Trust beat Batmans Boobies 93.64 – 77.58
It is with a heavy heart and a tinge of sadness that i have to report the Cleveland Browns of Show Me The Money might just have got it right in 2017.  Promising so much from day 1 it has been nothing but utter disappointment from In Baxter We Trust but 2017 might just be different as they got off to a flying start with a great victory over the unlucky Batmans Boobies.  Coach Baxter’s wek 1 plans were thrown into disarray with the bye week being given to No 1 pick Mike Evans but his replacement Chris Coleman was an able deputy finding the endzone and scoring double digits.  With Montgomery and West looking bell cow’s and the beast coming in via the trade with Varsity Blues Baxter looks to have strength in the back positon and with Franchise pick AJ Green and No 1 drafted Evans at receiver In Baxter We Trust look to have strength all over in 2017.  That will be put to  test in week 2 when they face another strong looking team in Farqs Flying Eagles.  Batmans Boobies may have a loss on record but they can count themselves unlucky to come up against the 3rd highest scorers of the week.  QB Stafford looked great again a tough defense and star receiver Cooper picking up where he left off last year before Carr’s injury to make a game of it.  Ultimately Coach O’Neil was let down by his veteran backs Murray and Gore and his stretched for defense the Patriots.  With surely more to come for those 3 though Batmans have a better chance than ever to make a run for the playoffs.  O’Neil will hope to get a win on the board sooner rather than later but face another tough matchup in week 3 facing Le’veon On a Prayer.
Le’Veon on a Prayer beat Red Hot Julius Peppers 68.30 – 66.38
Le’Von on a Prayer started slowly in their rookie 2016 year but have started much brighter in 2017 sneaking a close 2 point victory against 2015 champions Red Hot Julius Peppers. Coach Amos franchised Todd Gurley despite a poor 2016 and he paid him back instantly by gaining nearly 100 yards and finding the endzone to lead Le’Veon to a massive week 1 victory.  Amos was also paid back instantly by his risky early pick rookie back Fournette as he broke 100 yards and also found the endzone.  It was a slower week for his receivers though neither Prior nor Adams reached double figures but these guys will have their weeks and Le’Veon look well placed to push for a playoff spot in 2017.  Coach Douglass meanwhile is, as always, on suicide watch after week 1.  With everyone on the block and ridiculous trade offers getting fired out it is full on panic mode in camp Peppers.  Lets not get too carried away though.  It was the same in 2016 and they narrowly missed a superbowl place losing to the eventual champions.  It was the same in 2015 when they won the whole shooting match.  With the trusty Rivers at quarterback and Des Bryant Brandan Cooks and Demarius Hopkins at receiver and Olsen at end Red Hot look another team looking airborne for 2017 and i’m sure it won’t be long before Red Hot get back to the winning ways they are accustomed to.  Week 2 will see them face Batmans Boobies with both teams looking to get off their seasons off and running.
Kirkwall Raiders beat Bhoys are Back In Town 63.88 – 59.24
In this week 1 Kirkwall derby it ws Kirkwall Raiders who emerged victorious in a low scoring affair over Bhoys are Back in Town.  It was a case of nearly but not quite for Coach Sim in week 1. Franchised receiver Antonio Brown went well for 182 yards but no touchdowns and QB Carr scored over points which was enough in the end to get that all important W in the matchup.  With the win on the board and surely a lot more to come from backs Crowell and Kelly Sim will be looking to make a run for the playoffs with a well balanced, well drafted squad.  I’m not so sure the same can be said for Bhoys are back in Town though.  After a tremendous rookie season saw Coach Herculson fall just short of the superbowl with a narrow semi final loss much was expected in 2017.  4 drafted players on IR later and it looks like Herculson is throwing his 2017 hopes firmly onto the shoulders of future hall of fme QB Aaron Rodgers.  After the draft day brain fart Herculson done some very good work in the free agency and with Blount looking like the eagles bell cow and Jordan Reed the man again in the capital a playoff push could still be on the cards provided Rodgers stays healthy and does what he normally does.  Bhoys will be desperate to get a win on the board and will look to do so in week 2 against Copenbady Jets while Sim takes his Kirkwall Raiders to face Bluetoon Patriots.
The Mad House G Men beat Bluetoon Patriots 95.28 – 57.42
In a repeat of last season’s superbowl it was business as usual for The Mad House G Men as they swept aside Bluetoon once again to start 2017 as they finished 2016 with a victory.  Coach Edwards defense got off to a flying start with  near 100 point haul and comfortable victory despite GOAT Tom Brady and franchised star back Bell busting out in week 1.  As normal Edwards had his homework well and truly done and late picks Diggs and the Jaguars defence were the difference in this matchup as they both went for over 20 points each.  If these 2 can keep that form up Bell and Brady will start to perform sooner rather than later and with Fitzpatrick Anderson and Rudolph all regular scorers Edwards is a Bryant taking off from being installed favourite once more despite the 16th and final pick in the draft.  Coach Bruce meanwhile has came back down to earth with a bump.  After an unbelievable rookie season was rewarded with a place in the superbowl Bruce was looking to follow up in 2017 and maybe go one further. He was dealt a massive blow for week 1 when franchised receiver OBJ was dramatically inactive leaving a big gap at receiver.  Replacement Marshall did not perform at all but OBJ wont be out long and with rookie back Cook looking to be the VIkings bell Cow, Golden Tate is again Stafford’s No 1 choice and Russell Wilson leading at QB all is far from lost in camp Bluetoon.  They will want to get that first W on the board though and will look to do so against Kirkwall Raiders in week 2.  The G Men meanwhile go from last season’s superbowl opponents to bitter rivals and 2016 superbowl opponents Red Hot Julius Peppers.

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