Showmethemoney Season 4 Preview

Its the morning after the night before.  Many SMTM Coaches are frantically trawling free agency looking to replace the dud’s they somehow managed to pick up in last nights draft.  Others meanwhile are sitting staring at their squad list with big cheesy grins on their faces.
The strategies have been laid.  The squads are in place and in a little over 24 hours the first game will kick off and the season will be under way.
I’ve had no suggestions regarding the pay out of the cash this season so figure I will just go nice and simple.  £150 to the winner, £100 to the runner up, £50 to 3rd place and 4th place gets £20 to cover costs of season / pay for next year.
There will be a token £40 paid to the winner of the consolation playoffs with the runner up getting free entry to the 2018 season.
The Mad House G Men defend their title in 2017 and will undoubtedly be the team to beat after a stellar draft performance from bottom of the shop 16th pick.  The Patriots of Show Me The Money they will be looking for their 3rd title in 4 years.
It won’t be easy for the G Men though.  There are 15 hungry teams lining up to take their crown and cement their place in Show Me The Money history with their names on the trophy.
The season will kick off with the Patriots against the Chiefs tomorrow night so please remember whoever reached for the Chiefs D and Tom Brady……….make sure they are starting for tomorrow night 🙂
If anyone has any questions or points please let us know.  If not good luck all for your week 1 matchup.  I will start the weekly updates and gameweek reports on Tuesday next week and one a week will be sent throughout the season as normal.

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